Framing a Bathroom Mirror With Style

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A bathroom mirror is a functional item that can be found in almost any bathroom. Although it may be a utilitarian item, that does not mean that a bathroom mirror cannot have style and panache.

Antique Frames

Among the most inexpensive and fun ways to frame a bathroom mirror is with an old antique picture frame. You can find them at many bargain basement consignment stores, rummage sales, or the flea market. Very often you do not need to pay very much for an old frame and if you want to give it a new appearance.

Metal Frames

Another type of mirror frame that can be very attractive in a bathroom is a metal frame. You can find these frames at craft stores, picture framing stores, and flea markets. Metal frames range from simple and elegant straight sided square or rectangular frames to beautiful filigree frames.��

Wood Frames

You can also find gorgeous wood frames in a variety of sizes and shapes. Very often, you can find simple wood frames you can construct yourself at craft and art stores without spending a great deal of money.

Once you have decided what kind of frame you want to use, all you need to do is purchase a mirror that matches the shape and size of your frame and attach it to the back of the frame.