Framing a Screened Porch

What You'll Need
Joist hanger
Plumb bob
Floor joists
Measuring tape
Ledger or band board

A screened porch is an added advantage to your house. Screened porches allows you to enjoy the outdoor environment, watching day fall or sunrise without being disturbed by insects or bugs. Screened in porch have to be well designed, such that they are able to accommodate any furniture. Therefore framing a screened porch requires some planning, before implementation. Framing a screened porch is a task made easy if the steps given below are followed.

Step 1 - Framing the Deck 

Initially , decide the shape of the deck where the screen porch is to be built. A square or rectangle shape is recommended. Now fix a ledger or a band board in the appropriate location in your house. The ledger board is fixed to support the floor joists of the deck for the screened porch. Find the building code from the town office for the attachment of the ledger board. Determine where the floor joists are placed inside the house and join this to your joists for screened porch, such that they are extensions of the already placed joists. Now fix 2 end floor joists onto the ledger board. Make use of a joist hanger and  hammer it until it is fixed. Then fix the end joists to the ledger boards side or end using nails. Fix an outer ledger board or rim joist, which completes framing the deck of the screened porch.

Put 2 by 4 inch boards to the joists and wood scraps under the 2 by 4 inch boards to avoid them from sinking down towards the ground and see to it that the screened porch is leveled. Ensure that the deck which is framed is 90 degrees in all the corners. Use tape to measure the diagonals of the deck. If both the diagonals are equal, then the corners form a square. Now put the post into the hole along with concrete. Fill each of the posts with about 6 inches from the grade with rounded gravel. The rest of the space must be filled with concrete, because this enables easy removal or replacement of the post if it is damaged or needs to be replaced.

Step 2 - Foundation 

Take a plumb bob to decide the position to form the piers for the deck of the screen porch, which is being framed. Drop the plumb bob beneath the corners of the deck, to determine the center of the corner, which is the right place for placing a pier. Make holes for piers using hole diggers. Put around 8 inches of concrete to it and leave it for a day. Then fix a joist hanger to the posts, which is the foundation of the screened porch. The posts must be made of pressure treated lumber, that do not decay.

Step 3 - Making the Deck 

Select the type of lumber to be used as the deck of the screened porch which is being framed. Pre-finish the boards if the pressure treated lumber is used, to avoid it from getting rotten. Place the deck without leaving gaps between the boards and nail them tightly.

Step 4 - Making Walls and Roofing

Determine the size of screen panels, that fits the screened porch. Leave some place for posts which hold the screen panels and support the roof. Use the lumber to support the posts. Lay the plywood roofing of the screened porch. Paint the screen panels and install them to the screened porch which is being framed.