Framing Closet Door Openings

What You'll Need
2x4 lumber

To build an additional closet in your home you will have to start by creating the closet door frame.

Step 1

Get some 2x4 boards to create the closet door frame. You can build the frame flat on the floor and raise it up into place, or you can build it in place to begin with. Each method has about the same level of difficulty, so choose whichever is more comfortable for you. If you choose to build it on the floor, remember to build it at least ¼-inch shorter from the ceiling height. Once you raise the frame your shims will close the gap created at the top.

Step 2

Cut your king studs to 3 ¾ inches lower than the overall height of the ceiling. You should have one king stud on both sides of the door. The king studs are important because the other studs will come off of these. Make sure you are measuring and using the right materials for these.

Step 3

Nail a trimmer stud inside both of the king studs. The trimmer stud should be cut shorter than the king stud since they are used for the header support.

Step 4

The top plate of the door opening need to have four 7-inch pieces of plywood attached. This wood is called a cripple stud. The cripple studs attach to the header after the header is measured and cut. Then it’s attached to the king studs.

Step 5

Choose the width for your closet door and add trimmer studs inside the door opening to close in the gap to the width you want.

Step 6

Go back over and make sure your studs are all nailed in correctly and tightly.

That’s all there is to constructing your own closet door frame.

Additional Tips

Make sure you purchase enough wood and have it cut to the length you need plus an inch or two so you can make adjustments at home. You can always cut it shorter, but if it’s too short to start you will need to replace the wood.

Make sure you are using the correct nails for the lumber you are using. If your nails are too small for the wood, you risk a rickety frame. It’s also better to use too many nails because too few can be disastrous down the road.

If you run in to problems with the frame, you can always contact a trusted contractor for advice. Many contractors will offer consultations on do-it-yourself projects for a small amount of money. Don’t discount the valuable advice a professional can offer.