Framing Shed Doors: 3 Tips

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When constructing a shed, framing shed doors can often be one of the trickiest parts of the project. Here are a few tips for making it go more smoothly.

1. Plan for Door Placement First

Many people build a backyard shed to store a wheelbarrow or a lawn tractor, then fail to think about making the doors large enough for the item or placing them so you can move the items in and out easily.

When measuring for the doors, take into account the amount of space the door frame, hinges, and other hardware take up, thus reducing the width of the opening.

2. Sliding or Hinged?

Look at your shed design early on and decide on the type of door. Sliding doors are easier to install than hinged doors, and they do slide out of the way completely. However, they require a great deal of wall space, and sliders are more likely to wear out, break, and warp than hinges. Hinged doors use less space, and they do close very tightly.

3. Think Through Your Door Placement

While a door at the gabled end of the roof may look great, placing it on the end of the building makes it difficult to reach things at the other end of the shed. Consider putting the door on the side of the building, or think about installing two doors; one on each gabled end of the shed. Whatever you do, don’t brush aside doors and door placement as you build a backyard shed.