Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet Design Ideas

Bathroom during remodel

A free standing bathroom cabinet design can enhance the overall design of your bathroom. Considering all factors, such as the shape and finish of the bathroom cabinet, is important.

Bathroom Cabinet Design Shapes

modern and minimalistic bathroom

There are cabinet shapes and designs to suit any bathroom. For bathrooms with limited floor space, a free standing corner cabinet is best. These cabinets are designed to fit neatly in a corner, freeing up wall space for accessories and other fixtures. Unfortunately, they have the least amount of storage space.

Large bathrooms are better suited to utilizing square bathroom cabinets. These cabinets provide ample space underneath the sink basin. For extremely large bathrooms, there are double vanities. These cabinets offer the most storage and are large enough to incorporate two sink basins.

Bathroom Cabinet Finishes

white bathroom cabinetry

The right bathroom cabinet finish is a key component to the overall flow and design of the room. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the cabinet finish you have to consider. You also have to consider the type of finish for the sink basin, countertop, and fixtures.

Most bathroom designs are focused on a central theme, such as a nautical theme. A free standing bathroom cabinet design with simple hardware and light colors works best. When it comes to selecting the right fixtures to compliment your cabinet, one popular choice is chrome plated fixtures. Other popular fixture choices are designed to mimic antique fixtures.

Natural wood is another common finish for free standing bathroom cabinets. The construction of these cabinets uses a plank method that adds to the country feel of the natural finish.

Other free standing bathroom cabinet designs have a different finish to compliment alternate design themes. A stained finish on your cabinet is the ideal choice for a bathroom incorporating gothic style. In these cases, exotic hardwoods such as mahogany and maple are often used.

The ideal faucets to use with these cabinets incorporates a satin nickel finish; however, if you’re looking for something a little more elegant, consider a brass fixture. Whichever fixture you choose, it’s a good idea to match the hardware on your free standing bathroom cabinet to achieve a uniform look.