Free-Standing Pantry Pros And Cons

Without having to invest in an expensive kitchen remodel, a free standing pantry is a great way to increase your kitchen storage space. Free standing pantry units come in a variety of forms, from cabinets with closing doors to shelving space. While free standing pantries have many benefits, there are a few disadvantages you should also consider before adding this type of pantry to your home.


A free standing pantry is not fixed to any one location, making it simple to quickly re-locate. This advantage allows you to easily augment storage space or update the look of your pantry.

Because free standing pantries are not permanent fixtures of a room, it is ideal for temporarily storage. If you decide to convert the pantry area for other uses, you can simply move the free standing pantry to another room.

A final advantage to this option is its low cost. Free standing pantries are an inexpensive alternative to custom cabinetry. 


One disadvantage of free standing pantries is their appearance.  Most free standing pantries do not look as professional as custom cabinets. While there are exceptions to this rule, it can be difficult to find free standing pantry storage that blends in with the style of a room.

Free standing pantries are more dangerous than permanent cabinets.  Typically, they are slightly unstable and easily tipped over. As a result, extreme caution should be taken when choosing this option to make sure that the cabinet or shelves are indeed safe.

Before purchasing a free standing pantry, decide if you are looking for something permanent and secure, or temporary and inexpensive.  Consider these advantages and disadvantages to make the best choice for your home.