French Closet Doors: Installation Made Easy

For an elegant change to a bedroom, french closet doors can make a drastic impact with relatively little work involved.

Take Your Measurements Carefully
You don't want to get doors that are too short, or not wide enough. Take your measurements carefully and find the ones that will fit your closet opening.

Hang Hinges and Mount Hardware
There are several pieces of hardware, but they are very straightforward in their installation. Mount the hinges on the doors and the swivel attachments to the outer doors, while the locking pivot arms go on the inner doors.

Install the Top Track
Once the hardware is installed then you can align the top track and screw it in. You can then hang both sides of the french closet doors, but do not install the bottom track yet. Slide the pin that came with the doors into the pivot mechanism to secure the doors.

Install Bottom Track
Screw the bottom track into the floor and install the doors into it using the directions supplied. Secure the knobs and test out the new french closet doors. If there are any adjustments to make you can make them with a screwdriver along the bottom or top tracks. Adjust as needed to get a smooth closing door.