French Door Panel Replacement Instructions

A french door panel may be wood or glass. Either way, it’s a fairly simple process to replace one of the panels and keep the door in place.

Step One – Remove Old Panel 

Using a utility knife, pry gently against the panel to remove the interior panel trim that holds the panel into the door. You may not be able to see the trim immediately. If needed, use the knife to cut the paint around the trim, then pry it loose.

Only remove the trim on one side of the door.

Step Two – Find the Replacement Panel

Measure the interior opening with a ruler, preferably a flexible aluminum or fiberglass one. Subtract ¼” from the height and width accommodate any needed adjustment.

For wooden panels or decorative glass, if you know where the door was purchased, you may be able to order a replacement panel through them. If not, you may have to wait on this step until you have removed the old panel and can bring it with you to a home improvement store.

Clear glass panels are easy – simply measure the glass and have a new piece cut to fit.

Step Three - Reinstall Panel

Place the new panel in place and carefully nail the trip back on with small finishing nails. Paint or stain as needed.