French Door Window Coverings: Install Blinds

Choosing French door window coverings shouldn’t be a difficult task but once you decide whether you want curtains or blinds, they should be installed properly. Following a few easy steps will help you install blinds on your French doors with ease, below are some instructions to help you out.

Step 1 - Measuring
Once you have determined that you want to install blinds, measure your window frame all the way around the window. Be sure to measure in a way that does not obstruct the use of the door handle. The measurement should begin 2” above the door window for the head rail mechanism. Follow the measurement to the bottom of the window. Keep 1” below the window to secure the blind, and 1” on each of the sides over the frame.

Step 2 – Installing the Brackets
Place the mount brackets outside the window frame 2” above the window. They should be aligned and level allowing the shade to move freely between the brackets. Keep 1/8” between the brackets so the mechanism can rotate with ease.

Next, you will install the “hold-down” brackets. These will secure the bottom part of the blind and keep it from flopping around when the doors are in use. Follow the instructions and make sure they are aligned evenly.