Frieze Board

The frieze board can be confusing to attach when in the middle of the building process. By following a few simple steps attaching the frieze board can be made much less painful.

  • Right after the foam mounting blocks have been attached you’ll want to take the frieze board and attach it to the foam mounting block.
  • Next you’ll want to rotate the frieze board upwards so that it will lock into place.
  • Find the soffit panels and install them on top of the frieze board. You can secure them by nailing the soffit panel to the bottom of the board.
  • Finally, cover the board with pre-formed fascia.

Tips for Installing the Frieze Board

The nails that are used for the installation of the frieze board shouldn’t be more then 16 to 24 inches apart. More importantly, the nails must penetrate at least ¾’ down into the wood. If this is done properly there will not be a need for additional framing materials.