Fuel Injector Repair: How to Properly Clean a Fuel Injector

What You'll Need
Fuel injector cleaning kit
Car manual
Tube connector
Pressurized solvent

The main reason why it is essential for a fuel injector repair is to make give the engine peak performance. Dirty fuel injectors can result to poor performance, residue build-up and ineffective combustion.

Although the injectors need to be cleaned from time to time for maintenance, with the hectic lifestyle people lead today, it’s normal that we tend to overlook the importance of clean injectors. If you experience loss of power, stumbling on light acceleration, lean misfire, among other things, then you would have to clean your fuel injector. Nothing is worse than having clogged injectors since this could result to bigger mechanical problems.

Step 1 - Check the Manual

Since there are different models of automobiles, it is best to read first your car manual to familiarize yourself with the engine. But, if you are already used to different cars and familiar with what comprises the engine, then you can easily navigate through the parts of your car. Open first the compartment and look for the engine injectors. Make sure the engine is switched off.

Step 2 – Check the Fuel

To make sure there is no fuel inserted into the engine once it’s switched on; get an installing tubing to connect the fuel inlet to the fuel outlet. Another technique is to remove the fuel pump and stop the fuel return.

Step 3 – Connect the Solvent

After making sure no fuel enters the system, connect a pressurized solvent to the fuel injectors. Start the engine at once and then switch it off. Then reattach the fuel lines and the pump, repeat the same step until you notice any improvements. If not, you may need to clean the system.

Step 4 – Buy Cleaning Products

There are a lot of fuel injector products that are available. The best thing to do when buying is to consult first your mechanic which product works best for your vehicle. Since car models vary from one brand to another, the same thing goes for your injector fluid.

It would be best if you rely on the more well-known products to make sure that the performance is guaranteed. Using the right injector for your car would make the cleaning process easier and the system immediately free from clogging.

Step 5 - Clean the System

Follow the instructions written on the label. Unless stated, before pouring the contents, you check the fuel level. The fuel level will determine the amount of cleaning injector fluid you put into the system. Pour the cleaner and start the engine. The solution will clean the system as you drive the vehicle.

Remember, there are other factors that can affect the performance of your injector. Use of low-quality gas can affect the system since its composition is not as refined compared to the well-known gas brands. Since all engines are prone to clogging, the best way to prevent this from happening is to have it clean from time to time.