Full Bunk Bed Info

Traditionally, bunk beds have been small affairs, usually with twin size mattresses, not full bunk beds. Today bunk beds are available with either one full mattress on the lower bunk, or full size beds on both the upper and lower bunks.

Space Limitations
If available space is at a premium, a full size bed may not be the most suitable solution for a child's bedroom. Children's bedrooms tend to be smaller than the master suite, and are often suitable for single beds only. Before purchasing a full bunk bed, make sure that you have enough space available to accommodate it.

Cost Considerations

A full size bunk bed is going to cost quite a bit more than a single bunk bed. The amount of materials required to build it are nearly double, and mattress costs increase sharply from one size to the next.

Full Beds for Longer Usability

The advantage of a full bunk bed is that it can be used for a longer period of time. Where single beds are outgrown after only a few years, a full size bed continues to be useful for as long as necessary. It may be that the bunk bed itself is no longer required long before the children will outgrow a full bunk bed.