Fun Illusions to Create with Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper
  • 1-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-300

Wallpaper is not typically known for its ability to create illusions on the wall. When one thinks of wallpaper, the usual image is one of large cabbage roses or a glaringly out of place plaid. Thankfully, there are wallpapers that can create fun illusions and completely transform the look of an otherwise hopeless space.

Wallpapers that have a faux finish to them are especially good for covering up walls where little can be done to improve their appearance. Wood paneling and walls with wallpaper that seems permanently adhered to the plaster or drywall are the nemesis of every homeowner who longs to remodel. The uneven surfaces, especially of wood paneling, make it impossible to cover them with traditional wallpaper that requires a smooth, flat surface.

Wallpaper that is specifically designed to address these issues is typically wallpaper that provides an illusion. Marble, leather, and granite can all be simulated with the use of illusion wallpaper. Some paper comes in long rolls and must be applied in lengths like traditional wallpaper.

The faux finish on the paper itself helps to camouflage the bumps and ridges of paneling and old wallpaper residue. Other wallpaper is designed to be torn into large pieces and layered on in overlapping sections. This creates a richly faux finished illusion that transforms the room from dull and unsightly to a space with depth and texture.

person hanging wallpaper with floral print

If marble or leather is not a look that appeals to a homeowner, there are wallpapers that have fun illusions printed on them. Usually made to cover an entire wall or the back of a door, these illusion papers feature scenes of nature, city backgrounds or even a crowded party. They give the optical illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. It is also a fun way to brighten up a room that may otherwise be dull and dreary from a lack of windows of direct sunlight.

Full wall wallpaper illusions usually come in long panels of paper and need to be carefully aligned and hung. If the wall is not square or the surface is blemished, the illusion may appear distorted and bumpy. It is wise to smooth out any variations in the wall surface before hanging the wallpaper strips on the wall.

Creating a fun illusion with wallpaper is a great way to cover unsightly walls and enhance the room's appeal. Choose a finish or a scene that will work well in the room and create a sense of peace and harmony. An illusion that is too busy or brightly colored may leave the room's occupant more unsettled than the sight of the paneled or peeling walls. Also consider who will be using the room the most and plan according to his or her taste and interests. A soccer field scene may be great for a budding athlete, while a quiet garden veranda would work well for a quiet work room or study. By choosing a finish according to what will work best in the room, the look will be not only more appealing, but also has the power to increase the value of the home.