Fun Lighting Options for a Teen's Room

When decorating a room for a teen, you can add some funky style and interest by using interesting and fun lighting options. Teens love unusual decorating techniques, so think creatively when adding lights to your favorite teen's bedroom. Although there might already be an overhead light in the room, don't just stop there. Instead, add one or more of these fun lighting solutions for extra style and fun.

Task Lighting for Form and Function

Providing good task lighting in a teen's room is important, so that they can study, read, do their homework, or use a computer without straining their eyes. However, just because task lighting is functional and useful doesn't mean it has to be boring. Today's desk lamps and task lamps come in a rainbow of colors, in styles that range from utilitarian to flashy. Choose a style that is adjustable to provide just the right amount of light in the right spot. Clamp lamps can also be used effectively on a desk, or choose a Medusa lamp with its multiple adjustable light fixtures. In addition to a task light near the desk, a small reading lamp on the bedside table is a nice added touch. Choose one in a bright color or one with a funky shade to add a touch of fun to a teen's room.

Create a Cozy Spot to Hang Out with Friends

A teen's bedroom is not just for sleeping. When friends stop over to visit, a teen's room is often used as a place to just hang out and talk, listen to music, or play video games. You can create a cozy spot with extra seating in a teen's room using fun furniture such as bean bag chairs and video game chairs. Add a unique light fixture, such as one or more colorful paper lanterns, or possibly a retro-styled lava light or disco ball for added fun. These types of lighting fixtures don't generally supply a lot of usable light, but they can certainly add to the overall fun mood of the room.

Not All Light Bulbs Are White

In addition to adding interesting light fixtures, teens also love funky light bulbs in fun colors and styles. There is a myriad of interesting designer light bulbs available, ranging from colored bulbs in bright primary colors or pastel shades, black light bulbs, or even bulbs in interesting shapes, such as those with small colored peaks in the glass, or interesting hand-blown designer light bulbs. Adding one of these to your teen's room would undoubtedly be a big hit.

Add a String of Lights for Fun

Strings of twinkling white lights, or even colored lights, can be used in various ways in a teen's room to accent their overall decorating style. Run a string of small white lights across the back of a bookshelf to create an interesting display area. These strings of lights are also available in fun shapes, such as a string of chili peppers, which can add a fun touch to a teen's room.