Fun Looks for Teen Bedroom Doors

A barn door.

Teenagers can be very particular about the style of their bedroom decor. Not only does this influence the look of the room itself, but it also impacts the decor on their bedroom door. If your teen is looking for an unusual and fun way to make a statement with his or her bedroom door, the ideas below can help. They allow you to make removable and easily changeable bedroom entryway decorations that your teen will love.


The right ribbons can make or break a decor. When it comes to enhancing the entryway of a teen’s bedroom, ribbons can add a lot of pizzazz and character. Cut a wooden dowel or use a spring tension rod that spans the width of the bedroom door frame. It should be securely wedged in the frame, but should not cause damage by leaving indentations. Choose colorful ribbons that reflect the look of the teen’s bedroom and hang them in varying lengths from the rod. Your teen may want to choose colors that are her school colors, or she may want to change the colors to reflect an upcoming holiday or season. Save the ribbons and reuse them when other looks are desired.

Bodacious Beads

Beaded curtains were all the rage during the 1960s and 1970s, and for a modern teen bedroom, they can also be quite a hit. Today’s bead curtain manufacturers now offer beaded curtains in all sizes, shapes, and colors. There are even glow-in-the-dark beaded curtains that might appeal to even the most unusual bedroom decors. Let your teen select the one that matches the bedroom the best. Hang the beads on the outside of the doorframe, or in the doorframe itself, so that the beads do not interfere with the door opening and closing. It is also a good idea to make sure that the beads are flame-retardant.

Paper Chains

Those colorful paper chains that you made back in grade school can have a new life when it comes to decorating a teen’s bedroom doorframe. Together with your teen, cut strips of construction paper in the shades that she wants, and make paper chains. The chain should be long enough that it spans across the top of the doorframe and down the sides. Depending on how industrious your teen feels, the chain can reach almost to the floor, or hang down only part of the way. This is one of the least expensive ways that your teen can create a fun and funky entryway, but it is also one of the most colorful options around.

Creating a statement at the entryway to a teen’s bedroom does not have to be an expensive endeavor. With some clever thinking and some out of the box ideas, you can quickly transform the space into an entryway that any teen will love. Whether your teen decides to decorate for the holidays or simply wants to match their room’s decor, the ideas above allow her to do that.