Fun Suggestions for Kids to Construct their Own New Year's Greeting Cards

With the price of everything on the rise, inspiring your kids to make their own new year's greeting cards is a great way to save money, and have a blast doing it. Through the use of photographs, cartoons and a variety of crafting supplies, add a personal touch to the cards you mail to friends and family. While specialty computer software helps by providing an assortment of templates and easy-to-work features, you only really need some basic materials, tools and a lot of imagination.

Computer-Aided Greeting Cards

Many home personal computers are equipped with handy software to modify digital photographs, add colors, text, fun designs and more. Other programs provide templates for, among other things, greeting cards. This allows kids to quickly design their own greeting cards, to send out for the new year. Their cards could be adorned with a favorite photograph or a fun picture, drawn with the aid of a computer-based paint palette. Quickly add text or other charming shapes, icons or graphics. The upside of this is that greeting cards are quickly made at home. The downside is that it requires a fair amount of color ink from a printer, especially if photos are printed.

Hand-Made Crafts

There are many possibilities for making homemade greeting cards by hand, from old fashioned glue and glitter designs, to self-drawn cartoons. To get started, you'll need a selection of craft paper. It should be slightly thicker than standard paper stock, and different colors always help to change it up. Suggest to the kids that they start by folding the piece of craft paper as they intend to mail it. This way, they'll know what they have to work with. One fun idea is to write out a new year's message, greeting or design in a thin bead of paper glue. Follow this by pouring glitter in excess over the glue. Let it sit a moment then shake the excess off into a container. What remains is a sparkly design.

New Year's Cartoons

A great way to encourage your children's creative side, is to suggest they make a new year's cartoon. Most store-bought greeting cards feature a cartoon of some kind, so suggest they make up one on their own. The characters can be hand drawn or constructed using an assortment of craft paper shapes. Single and multi-panel cartoons are great fun and let kids use their imagination.


As an alternative to designing a photo greeting card with a computer-based template, suggest that your kids use an existing favorite photograph, or print one out. Maybe it's a photo showcasing a newly-missing tooth, a base hit at a baseball game or a performance in a school play. Whatever the case, making a new year's greeting card around a photo, adds a personal touch not possible with a store-bought card. The best part is that there is still plenty of space on the greeting card, for writing a note or decorating around the photo.

These are just a few ideas for kids to make their own new year's greeting cards. Suggest they combine the ideas to create something dazzling, and encourage their imagination to run wild.