Fun Winter Art Projects

snowy pinecones

In many areas of the country, the winter season means a lot more time indoors. To make the most of it, complete fun and festive art projects to commemorate the season.

Homemade Vintage Sled

homemade wooden sled

Instead of scouring antique stores for the perfect vintage sled, create your own! All you need is a jigsaw tool, a miter saw or hand saw, two one by four inch wood plants, a one by six inch wood plank, screws, a cordless drill and coordinating bit, and stain or paint. For practically pennies, you can create your own sled here, which makes a great decoration inside or outside your home during the winter months.

Homemade Snowflakes

Easily made by kids and adults alike, use coffee filters, paper straws, and pasta to create artful snowflakes to hang around your home. For this project, use watercolors, a paintbrush, scissors, coffee filters, blue paper straws, and pinwheel pasta. You’ll also need white paint and school glue. Use your watercolors to paint the filters, laying flat, a winter color such as blue or purple. Allow them to dry completely.

Paint uncooked pinwheel pasta pieces white by pouring the paint on a paper plate and dipping them in it until they’re coated. Allow these pieces to dry. Cut the paper straws into one and two-inch sections. Each snowflake will likely require two or three straws. From there, simply design the snowflakes in whatever conficturation you want and then use the glue to secure the pieces onto the filter. The finished product will look great in your windows during the winter.

paper snowflakes

Winter Terrarium

For a spin on a regular terrarium, create a winter-themed terrarium with objects rather than plants. The bigger the glass container you can find, the better! You can use a container or practically any shape. Put faux snow at the bottom of the terrarium and then fill it up with little houses, miniature trees, and even battery operated string lights for the full effect. This project really allows you to get creative, so feel free to go all out or keep it simple. You can also create this project using a glass cloche if desired.

Paper Cup Luminaries

This is an easy art project that can really set the mood of your space in the winter! All you need is paper cups, a hole puncher, scrapbook paper, and a glue stick. Cover paper cups with festive scrapbook paper. A white or icy blue sparkly paper really gives a winter feel, but choose whatever you prefer. Then, punch holes randomly around the cup. Just like that, you have a festive luminary! Flip the cup upside down and place a battery powered luminary inside of it for and watch your luminary glow.

Hat Door Hanger

hats on door rack

Turn an old winter hat into a festive door hanger this winter! Using a sturdy winter hat, skewers, greenery, and accents such as pine cones, mini trees, and foam snowflakes, you can create a beautiful door hanger to give your home the look of the winter spirit. A foam block, vase or container, and the skewers are all used in this project to secure the items within the door hanger. Read the full tutorial here.

Frosted Pine Cones

Another craft involving pine cones to be done in the winter is creating frosted baubles to hang around your home. These are easy to make, using pine cones you can find outside or buy in a store, white acrylic paint, white PVA glue, large grain silver glitter, and a cord, twine, or ribbon to hang them with. Complete the project by mixing a 60/40 ratio of paint and glue in a bowl large enough for a pine cone to fit in.

Roll the pine cones in the mixture and use your hands or a paintbrush to ensure it’s spread evenly on them when you pull them out. Then, roll the pinecones in a bowl of glitter to give that luminescent look. Allow them to dry on a piece of parchment paper.

Once they’re dry, give them a light shake to get any loose glitter off and discard the parchment paper. Affix your string of choice to the top of the pine cones and you have a beautiful item to hang wherever you please. If you wish, you could leave the string off and instead fill a hurricane cylinder or bowl with pine cones as an accent piece.

Make the most of your time outdoors with these winter art ideas, which are fun for the entire family!