No do it yourself outdoor painting project is ever complete without a fungicide treatment. This is especially so in case of surfaces which are exposed to attacks from moisture present in the atmosphere such as outdoor surfaces of walls.

What is a Fungicide?

A fungicide is a chemical concoction which utilizes the chemical element sulfur as the main ingredient and is deployed to eliminate or restrain the growth of fungi in building surfaces. All fungicides available in the continental U.S. are in liquid form. So you need not worry about inhaling the fungicide while preparing the mixture.

Fungicide treatments are found to be most effective when applied immediately after putting the final coat of paint on any surface. Once the fungicide is applied, do not attempt to touch up or wipe the surface.

To get the best results for your pet project, choose a fungicide that contains some bio microorganism inhibitor (usually in the form of essential oils) extracts in addition to sulfur.