Funny Homemade Gifts for Friends

While homemade gifts are a simple and special way of showing you care, they can also be a great way to make someone laugh and have fun. Funny homemade gifts for friends make birthdays and holidays fun-filled, light-hearted and of course, do show that you cared enough to actually make a gift rather than just buy one. Here are some homemade gift ideas for friends that are bound to make everyone laugh in delight.

Funny Signs and Door Hangers

If you’re the creative sort, you can easily make witty one-liner signs and door hangers. Simply write and draw a funny picture on construction paper, cut to size and have it laminated. For door hangers, use a standard door hanger as stencil while signs can be the size of a placemat. The best part about these funny signs and door hangers is that you can adapt them to any occasion or reason.

Funny Pills

Fill a bottle with colorful M&Ms, Smarties and other colored candy. Paste a label with either “Brain Boosters” or “Stress-Busters” written on it. Attach a note, saying, “Need help concentrating/relaxing? Take as many as needed. See {your name} if symptoms persist or for refills.” These bottles of pills can also be used for birthdays with the label reading “Anti-Aging or Fountain of Youth Pills” and a relevant note.

Fun-filled Books and Boxes

Books are a great way of inspiring laughter. Make a Classical Book of Fun by buying a classic novel, preferably in hardcover. Then, cut out a hole in the middle pages, while leaving the outer covers intact, and inserting a funny movie DVD/CD there instead. Similarly, for men, one can make a Classical Book of Relaxation and instead of the funny movie, put a hip flask or pack of cigars there.

Boxes filled with funny things and labeled with equally hilarious names are another simple yet effective gift idea for friends. Make a "De-Stress Box" by packing some sheets of bubble wrap in an attractively packaged box. Instructions inside should read “Stressed out? Pop a sheet of bubble wrap, every hour. Repeat as needed.” People who enjoy shopping can be gifted “Retail Therapy Box”, filled with cuttings of all the possible designer names and pictures of fashionable dresses and shoes.

Grow Your Own Grass or Mr. Grass Head

A spinoff on the Mr. Potato Head, friends will enjoy getting these funny looking puppets that have grass growing out of their heads. All one needs is:

  • Old sheer stockings or pantyhose
  • Grass seeds
  • Soil from your lawn
  • Small terracotta or ceramic pot
  • Waterproof glue
  • Waterproof marker pens or decorations, such as eyes, pompom nose and paste-on bushy eyebrows.

To make Grow Your Own Grass or Mr. Grass Head:

  1. Cut off the stocking in the middle (about 20 cms from the toe) and use the section with the toe. Stretch the stocking over the mouth of a large glass and pour in about 2 teaspoons of the seeds.
  2. Cover the seeds with the soil. Pack it in tightly. This will be the head of the Grass Head and it should be the size of a tennis ball.
  3. Tie a knot to close the end. Let the loose end dangle down. It will go into the terracotta or ceramic pot.
  4. Now, decorate it with the marker pens and stick-on decorations. Use waterproof glue to stick on any decorations. Stand the head in the terracotta or ceramic pot. Add a note with instructions.
  5. Instructions should read: Grow Your Own Grass by dunking Mr. Grass Head into water. Fill the terracotta/ceramic pot halfway through with water. Stand Mr. Grass Head in the pot, head-side up. Check to ensure Mr. Grass Head is moist. Your grass will grow in a week’s time. Enjoy!