Creative Ways to Decorate and Furnish a Guest Bedroom

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Out of town guests want a place to stay where they feel comfortable while away from home, and using creative ways to decorate and furnish a guest bedroom is the ideal way to welcome guests. Make the most of visits with guests by providing them with a bedroom that makes them feel wanted and welcome. Consider the following creative ways to decorate and furnish a guest bedroom, and give your guests a place to stay where they will feel at home and more comfortable than they could ever feel anywhere else.

Create a Welcome Basket

Hotels sometimes offer small welcome gifts for guests, and those hosting a place to stay for family or friends should also consider creating a welcome basket filled with treats and overnight necessities. Select a basket, a small carrying case, or a plastic storage container to personalize and decorate the bedroom, and fill it with items such as trial-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner, a razor, shaving cream, toothpaste, and a few tasty treats. Include wrapped candy, healthy snacks, and packets of tea, hot cocoa, coffee, wrapped plastic spoons, sugar and cream packets, napkins, and decorative mugs. If space allows, provide guests with a drip coffee maker. In addition, fill a basket with magazines and books. Everyone needs time alone, and house guests will be able to enjoy a steaming beverage in the comfort of their bedroom while reading or relaxing.

Provide a Comfortable Mattress and Bedding

People are often tempted to place an old mattress in the guest bedroom when it should have been sent out with the trash years ago. Instead of outfitting the guest bedroom with a worn out sagging mattress that will not provide a night of comfort and restful sleep, invest in a new mattress. To keep guests comfortable and happy, decorate and furnish the bedroom with the type of bedding you would prefer instead of castoffs that could cause back pain and discomfort. Visitors should have all the comforts of home, and a comfortable mattress is the best way to start.

In addition to a comfortable mattress, choose quality bedding including soft sheets and comfortable pillows. Look for sheets with a high thread count for superior comfort, and select high-quality pillows that you would want to use. Houseguests often bring their own pillows, but just in case they do not they will have a comfortable place to lay their heads and enjoy a restful nights sleep.

The way in which a guest bedroom looks is as important as the comfort factor. Decorate and furnish the room with stylish bedding and accessories including luxurious throw pillows. A number of throw pillows of various textures and designs will help decorate the bedroom and make the bed appear more luxurious than ever.

Furnish the Room with a Comfortable Chair and Side Table

When striving to decorate and furnish a guest bedroom with the comforts of home, think of furnishings offered by fine hotels. If space allows, a guest bedroom should be furnished with a comfortable chair and a side table. The chair will provide an area to curl up with a good book, watch television, or spend a little time alone, and the side table will provide a place to hold beverages, reading material, and other items at hand. Guests should have a place to escape, and furnishing the guest bedroom with more than a bed and a place to hang clothes is a nice way to give them the ideal home away from home and decorate the room in a stylish way.

A Creative Way to Provide Towels and Save Space

Towels can be a problem when guests arrive, especially when a guest bathroom is not available and the main bathroom is small. Instead of looking for ways to hang extra towels and washcloths in the main bathroom, decorate a quilt rack with paint and self-adhesive designs. Hang clean towels and washcloths in the guest bedroom before guests arrive. This will keep the bathroom neat, and no one will have to wonder which towel or washcloth is theirs.

Furnish the Space with Room-Darkening Window Treatments

The window treatments in any bedroom are important, and a guest bedroom is no exception. Not only do they decorate the room, but they also keep out morning light and provide necessary privacy. Do not skimp on window treatments. Instead, furnish visitors with room-darkening shades or blinds, and decorate the room with stylish drapery that matches the bedding.

Decorate with Impressive Wall Decor

When striving to stylishly decorate a guest bedroom and create an impressive and comfortable room for visitors, be sure to add wall decor that compliments the style of the room. Consider creating a focal point using a large framed wall mirror, and surround it with a pair of candle wall sconces that include color-coordinating fragrant candles or a pair of stylish wall planters. Fill wall planters with trailing ivy and beautiful arrangements of artificial flowers that match the color of guest bedroom decor.

Sleep in the Guest Bedroom

The best way to get an idea of how guests will feel while staying in the guest bedroom is to sleep in the room. After using the aforementioned ways to furnish and decorate a guest bedroom, sleep in the guest bed instead of your regular bed. If you are comfortable in the guest bedroom, chances are your guests will be too, and they will be thrilled with the steps you took to furnish and decorate the room and ensure their happiness and comfort while staying in your home.

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