Furniture Design Schools - Craft Your Future

A new trend in the interior design industry is the opening of furniture design schools, which teach interior designers how to create interesting and functional furniture. It is possible to earn both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in furniture design.

Interior Design Foundation

During their first two semesters, furniture-design students take standard interior design classes.

Students learn how to draw, design, draft, and use CAD.  The students become familiar with all the fabrics and materials used in furniture.

Computer Aided Design

As students advance, they become familiar with all the latest uses for computers in the modern world of furniture manufacturing.

Students create their own furniture pieces on a computer.

By using computer renderings, students also learn how to use computers to test their designs for comfort, utility, style and durability.

Practical Experience

Furniture design students also construct prototypes, scale models and full-sized pieces of furniture.

In this way, students become aware of the major challenges in the manufacturing process, and learn to how to create functional yet attractive furniture that is easy to produce and to sell.

International Contacts

Students also attend national and international conferences to see the current state of the industry. They may attend the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, the Salon Satellite, or similar events.