Furniture and Décor That Complements Any Sunroom

  • 1-10 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-5,000

A sunroom is one of those places many people dream about adding to their home. They think about warm, sunny areas full of plants and patio furniture. A sunroom can be that type of room, but they can also be much more elaborate.

One of the design aspects of the sunroom is the furniture. A sunroom has its own distinctive furniture needs to complement this special living area. Choosing this furniture will be something to think about for each type of sunroom design available. There are pieces of furniture that will fit in nicely with any type of sunroom. Here is a quick list of some options.

Wicker Furniture

If any type of furniture fits in perfectly with any type of sunroom, it has to be wicker furniture. Although a sunroom is an indoor room, it does have an outdoor feel. Wicker furniture is the ultimate type of furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. If your sunroom is used for a greenhouse, bedroom, dining room or even to house an indoor pool, wicker furniture is the greatest complementary furniture.

Ceiling Fans


Sunrooms are hot. They let in a lot of sunlight through glass that multiplies the intensity of the heat. Windows will store up the heat from the sun in its panes and release it into the room. Ceiling fans will help to move the air around so it is not as overpowering. Instead of a sauna, a ceiling fan will help your sunroom feel like a tropical oasis.

Window Shades

There will be times when you will need to close off the sun from the room. Or, you just might want some privacy. Install adjustable window shades along each window panel so you can either open them or close them during the day, or at night time.

Wooden Tables and Stands

To add to the overall theme of any type of sunroom, a wooden table and stands will add to the general lived-in feel of a sunroom. They can be used to hold plants, food, lamps, and even a television. Sunrooms that have high ceilings with exposed wooden beams are perfect for wooden tables, but they can be complimentary in any sunroom.

Daybed or Hammock

A sunroom is not only a great place for plants, or just sitting and enjoying the views, but they are also a great place to take a midday nap. A small daybed in the corner will always make a great addition to any type of sunroom. You can use it for extra seating when you have several people over or for just laying down and reading a book, or catching a power nap.



A sunroom is one of those rooms that should be relaxing. You should be able to retreat to the sunroom and forget about the work day or just have a few minutes to yourself. A heavily cushioned sofa is another great addition to any sunroom that will add to the relaxation factor. In fact, any type of furniture that has big, fluffy cushions and pillows adds to the overall theme of the sunroom.