Furniture Refinishing 10 - Applying the Finish

Margin of Error:

Properly apply finish to create desired effect and smooth finish.

Most Common Mistakes

  1. Neglecting to apply the finish smoothly, leaving streaks and ridges.
  2. Not allowing the finish to dry sufficiently between coats.
  3. Shaking or stirring a clear finish too fast, creating bubbles which show on the finished piece.

Finishes range from lacquers, varnishes, and polyurethane to penetrating resins, catalytic sealers, and natural waxes. These come in various degrees of sheen from high gloss and semi-gloss or satin to a matte or dull finish. All have different manufacturer's application and drying instructions to follow.

Your chosen finish should be durable, waterproof, and good looking. One with a slow drying time will give you more control over any buildup or lap marks that could cause problems. These can occur with a quick-drying finish.