Furring Strips: What They Are and How to Use Them in Vinyl Siding

Using furring strips is one of several methods you can use to attach paneling, siding, or drywall to a masonry wall. When compared with using wall studs, furring strips are easier to install, less expensive, easy to install, and they are equally as useful and effective as installed wall studs.

Furring Strips Defined

Furring strips are narrow strips of 1 inch wood, usually 2 inches in width. These strips are normally available, pre-cut, at wood retailers. If you have access to a bench saw you can rip your own strips from 1 inch boards of almost any width.

Use of Furring Strips

These narrow wood strips are typically fastened vertically to the interior side of an concrete wall, a concrete block wall, or other types of masonry walls. They are spaced at standard distances apart from each other to accommodate the fastening of panels, siding, or drywall sheets that are manufactured 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. This strips serve as a base onto which your panels can be attached. 

Installing Furring Strips

The best way to install these strips on masonry walls is to use masonry anchors that are first attached to the masonry wall. After attaching these strips you will then be able to attach your panels using nails, screws, or adhesives.