Gable Fan vs. Roof Fan: Which is More Efficient?

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A gable fan, like a roof fan, is a fan that is installed in the attic of a home to help ventilate it. These fans help reduce wear on the attic materials while reducing the ambient temperature, which can help bring down electric bills.

Deciding Between a Gable Fan and a Roof Fan

Cooling Capacity - From the point of view of cubic feet per minute gable fans have the advantage because they are made in significantly larger sizes than roof fans.

Energy Efficiency - Roof fans are now designed with solar options that draw their electricity from solar panels mounted on the roof of the home. Certain gable models also utilize solar power, but they receive less sun exposure and so are far less efficient.

Installation and Maintenance - The gable fan is more difficult to install than the roof fan unless an existing gable vent is already in place.