Gable Studs

Gable studs are the invisible members that hold a gable roof in place. Many do it yourself projects that require the construction of a gable go wrong if the gable studs are not properly utilized.
You can use gable studs to properly frame your dream building project to give your attic a new look. A gabled roof serves to lower the room temperature in your house by acting as a wind funnel. So there is a practical side to having a gable in your house.

How to Determine Lengths of Gable Studs

It is well understood that the gable studs are the most vital component of a gabled roof. But how do you get the basics right when using gabled studs in your do it yourself job? Here are some of the parameters that need to be considered when using gabled studs:

  • Centers level (usually in millimetres)
  • Length level (usually in millimetres)
  • Angle (in degrees)
  • Gable stud width (usually in millimetres)
  • First gable stud length (usually in millimetres)