Gain more Space with Room Additions

It is not always an option to simply pack up and move your family each time a new member is added, but finding space for everyone can be a real challenge. The more common option is to simply add to your home, and room additions are a great way to add space without spending nearly as much money. More people choose this method of getting some additional space each year, whether the extra space is needed for a bedroom or some other function.

The Mother-in-Law Suite

This is one of the most common options outside of more kitchen space and additional bedrooms or bathrooms. A mother-in-law suite is, like the name implies, an area set aside for special guests that often involves more than just a bed and half bath combination. In many cases, the mother-in-law suite, when used as a room addition, is much like adding a mini apartment to the home, complete with a bedroom, full bathroom, and sitting area.

The point of a mother-in-law suite is to make sure that guests have a place to unwind, with some privacy from your family life. They give your family the same privacy; a place to be a family without the intrusion of guests. Some even offer a separate entrance, so that the guest can come and go without needing to worry about waking someone up or disturbing someone’s study period.

Family Space

Another common room addition involves space for your family to spend time together. Whether you want to call it a media room, casual living area, family room, or something else, this space is all about what it means to be family—together time. Make room for movies, music, games, reading, video games, or whatever your family enjoys doing together.

To add the right finishing touches when decorating your new space, research themes for a family room, or come up with something that is truly unique. It is your family, and the family room addition should reflect your family’s individuality.

Master Suite

Most people understand what a master bedroom is and associate a master bathroom with the largest bathroom in the house. However, sometimes it just is not enough space, and a master suite room addition becomes unavoidable. Expanding the existing master bedroom can be a challenge, so some people choose to add another room altogether instead.

Normally, a master suite combines a large bedroom area and bathroom with space to relax and unwind. This can mean a sitting area with a television or a bookshelf ready for a night time reading. Most also offer seating, so that the bed stays clean and tidy while you sit comfortably.

These are just a few of the more common room additions today. There are many others to choose from, and room additions can also include expanding existing rooms as well. Whether your room addition consists of a whole room, one story renovation, two story addition, or something totally different, talk to the experts first or hire a contractor so that you can be sure that the best job is done for the right price.

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