Galvanized Flashing: Aluminum vs Steel

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When considering galvanized flashing, you need to make a choice between aluminum versus steel. The use of aluminum, a lightweight material, versus heavier steel galvanized flashing depends on your budget, the conditions under which the flashing will be exposed to, and whether you believe one material is a better quality flashing for your home than the other. These considerations will drive your decision to use either aluminum flashing or steel flashing.

Aluminum Flashing

Aluminum flashing for roofs is one of the three rust-resistant materials used in flashing, along with steel and copper. Aluminum flashing is popular with do-it-yourselfers when they choose to install a roof flashing because of its flexibility and ease to work with. It is easier for a non-professional installer to bend and manipulate aluminum than it is to bend and manipulate steel. It is a mid-ranged metal flashing material and it holds its shape well.

Steel Flashing

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Steel flashing is another type of metal roof flashing that is found in roof construction. It is the lowest costing material that is used in roof flashing. Galvanized steel flashing is created by coating metal with a galvanized steel coating, which lends to its lower cost than either aluminum or copper.