Gambrel Roof Addition Mistakes to Avoid

If you are planning a gambrel roof addition, read on for a list of 8 common and costly mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Using the Wrong Nails

It's a very common mistake to use the wrong sized nails when doing any form of roofing project. It's important that the right length nails are used so that they don't go through the roofing joists. Choose nails which are suitable for use outdoors and that won't corrode too quickly. You should choose  nails designed specifically for roofing.


The pitch of the roof will affect how quickly water runs off the edge. It is important that the pitch is correct so that all of the water will drain off of the roof without pooling or collecting.


Drainage is very important because it will get rid of water from the surface of your roof as quickly as possible. The drainage needs to be in the right places to collect the water and it must also get rid of it safely. The water needs to be put down drains or into soak aways. It's important that it doesn't sit and cause damage to the roof or wall. Using correctly placed drains and gutters will make it much easier to deal with any water on your roof.


When building a Gambrel roof it is important that you vent the roof properly, this will prevent moisture from building up inside the roof which could cause harm if left untreated. Vents must be installed in the roof so that moisture can be removed from the atmosphere.


One of the common mistakes that people make when installing a gambrel roof is not to add enough insulation. Insulation is very important because this is what will keep the heat inside your home. It's important that the heat is kept inside so that you will be able to save money on your heating bills. Installing the best insulation you can will help to save you lots of money during the winter.

Not Getting a Professional

Installing a gambrel roof addition isn't the sort of project that you should undertake if you don't feel confident. You must ask for help and consider hiring a professional if you are at all cautious about your ability to actually complete the project.

Too Few Trusses

One of the most common mistakes that people make is not using enough trusses when making their gambrel roof. A truss needs to be used every 16 inches to ensure your roof is as strong as it needs to be.

Not Waterproofing

Another very common mistake is not waterproofing the  plywood when it's used. You must use marine grade plywood and also waterproof it using coats of treatment paint.