Game Room Accessories- Table Tennis Set Up

A popular item included when choosing game room accessories includes a table tennis set up. You need to consider a few factors when deciding to add a table tennis set up in your game room.

Need for Space
When playing table tennis at home, you are going to need a sufficient amount of space to properly play the game and have fun. Some avid enthusiasts design their game rooms around use of a table tennis set up. If you are adding table tennis to an existing game room, you need to have enough room at both ends of the table for a player to initiate a full back swing. Frustration will mount if the table tennis “bat” hits a back wall every time you employ a back swing.

The Table Size

Standard table tennis tables measure 9 feet long by 5 feet wide. It is highly recommended that you have clear space surrounding the table that is about 3.5 feet on the sides and a minimum of 5 to 6.5 feet at both ends. This will allow enough room for even an advanced player to have a good game. This will allow sufficient room for singles play.

A great feature about table tennis tables is they can fold up and be moved out of the way when not in operation.