Game Room Card Table Construction Guide

What You'll Need
7/16-inch thick, 8-by-4-inch sheathing plywood
Upholstery fabric
6 pool noodles
Measuring tape
Piece of wood
Jig saw
Circular saw
Upholstery stapler
Duct tape
Wood for legs

If your family enjoys playing card games, building a card table in a game room is a project you might enjoy. A large card table can make it more convenient to play cards with a lot of people, but it can be expensive to purchase one. This article will teach you how to build a circular card table that can be used for a wide variety of different card games. It can even fold up for storage.

Step 1 - Cut the Board

Take a pencil and mark a line about 6 inches from the edge of the table's longer sides. Next, mark a line about 12 inches from the other sides. Cut the board and make a mark 21 inches from the side and from the end, meeting the two marks together. Make an arc by drilling a hole in the wood and nailing the other end to the middle of the table.
Place a marker inside the hole so that you can draw the arc of the table. Do this for the other side as well. This will create an oval shape. Cut the table in half so that it can be hinged together later on. You can leave the table hole if you plan on folding the legs rather than the table.

Step 2 - Attach Fabric

Take fabric and staple it to the sides of the table, making sure you pull the fabric tightly. Move all the way around the table and make sure you staple on the side that's not going to be the top of the table. If you have staples popping up through the tabletop they will be dangerous and make it difficult to play games on the surface. If you have decided to cut the tabletop in half, use two pieces of cloth.

Step 3 - Railings

To create railings, cut pool noodles down the length of one side, but make sure you don't cut them all the way in half. Put the railings on the side of the table and use duct tape to hold them together. You can also add cloth to cover the railings.

Step 4 - Hinges

If you decide to cut the tabletop, install the hinges now. You'll need about three sets of hinges and an automatic screwdriver to screw the hinges in place.

If you want the table to have legs, attach some using hinges as well. But make sure you add a mechanism that will ensure the table stays open when you're using it.


If you don't cover the noodles with cloth, choose a color that goes well with the table and matches the décor of the game room. This is a fairly difficult project, so make sure that you set aside enough time to complete it.

Also, make sure you pull the cloth tightly over the table so that you don't have folds when playing games on the surface.