Garage Addition Basics: Drywall

A garage.

Making a garage addition, whether it is making a partition or creating a spare room, requires some knowledge about how to hang the drywall. Drywalling is a labor-intensive task that can be learned by anyone with a willingness to do a lot of lifting and nailing.

Different Types of Drywall

There are different types of drywall sheets but the most commonly used is a gypsum-based, sheetrock drywall. They come in thickness of 1/2 to 3/4-inch and are easy to cut to fit. A utility knife and straight edge are needed to score the drywall and simply bending it will cause it to come apart. This is useful when you have tight corners and small areas in the garage that need to be covered and do not require a full sheet of drywall.

Hanging Drywall in the Garage

Hanging drywall requires the ability to set it in place against a wall frame of 2x4 lumber studs and nailing or screwing the drywall to the lumber. Drywall is fastened to the frame typically with drywall screws that are specially designed not to damage the gypsum board, which is chalky. This process of setting the drywall in and fastening is the basic function you perform when drywalling.

Most home improvement centers provide instruction on hanging drywall and understanding the best techniques for working with the material. Signing up for a class will help you improve your drywalling skills.