Garage Door Framing: 3 Tips

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Garage door framing is relatively easy if you have some basic carpentry skills. You can frame out the door for your garage within a day or two, but you may need a little help because things can be quite heavy. Follow the tips below to ensure an easy and successful project.

1. Clearance

Depending on the type of springs you are using, you need to leave the proper clearance between the roof and the door opening. If you are using torsion springs you should consider 12 inches of clearance, but for regular springs, you need approximately 10 inches. If the ceiling has less than 10 inches of clearance from the door opening, you should buy a special framing kit for low overhead installation. Some types of commercial and carriage style garage doors might need more than 16 inches of headroom, so you need to take proper measurements before attempting the installation.

2. Weight

Keep in mind that when you start raising the door wall, you will deal with a lot of weight due to the added lumber and the headers at the top of the door wall. If you want to ensure safe handling, use a forklift or a similar machine that will help you lift the frame.

3. Materials

You should use salt-treated lumber for the garage door framing because it lasts much than non-treated lumber.