Garage Door Keypad Installation

A garage door.

A garage door keypad found on the outside of the door allows you to use a code to automatically open your garage door. The two types of garage door keypads are wired and wireless.

The outside garage door keypad, inside push button wall unit, and the door opener are all integral to the garage door keypad system.

Step 1 - Mount a Garage Door Keypad

Select a good location on the outside of the garage. Screw the garage door keypad to the garage door jamb leaving some space behind the keypad so moisture doesn't get trapped behind the keypad. Also, make sure there is enough room for the keypad cover to slide up.

If you are using a wired garage door keypad you have to run the wires into the garage. Connect the wires to the garage door opener and the inside push button unit.

Step 2 - Install a Code in a Wired Garage Door Keypad

Start by unplugging the garage door opener. Go to the inside push button wall unit and remove the cover. Locate the PROGRAM/OPERATE switch and slide it to PROGRAM.

Choose and enter a four-digit code into the outside keypad. Return to the inside unit and slide the switch back to OPERATE. Replace the inside unit cover and plug in the door opener.

Step 3 - Install a Code in a Wireless Garage Door Keypad

Press and release the learn button on the garage door opener. Within 30 seconds type in a four-digit code on the keypad while holding down the ENTER button for five seconds.

The process is completed when the keypad light stops flashing.