Garage Door Parts Explained

hand pushing remote to open or close garage door

Garage door parts work together to make your garage door function properly. Here’s an explanation of the different parts to better understand the system as a whole.

The Springs on a Garage Door:

Extension springs are mounted on each side of a garage door wall. These are powerful springs that are run under a very high tension and give a garage door the strength to lift the weight of the door up and down.

The tension spring holds a tremendous amount of tension, and winds up when your garage door closes.

What Parts Hold it Together?

The brackets and hinges hold a garage door together. Anytime they get loose or damaged, they need to be replaced.

What Garage Door Parts Make it Move Up and Down?

The tracks and rollers on a garage door are what allows a garage door move up and down. The rollers are connected to the tracks. There are two sets of tracks: vertical and horizontal. The vertical tracks run alongside the garage door walls, while the horizontal tracks run along the ceiling. They need to be oiled and lubricated regularly to keep them maintained and last longer.

How Does a Garage Work with a Remote Control?

The motor drive gives a garage door the power to open and close from a remote control. A garage door will either have a belt drive, screw drive, or chain drive. The belt drive is the most popular motor drive, because it is quiet and smooth. The screw drive is very slow-moving, and the chain drive is the most economical.