Garage Door Security: How to Protect Your Home

A home with a garage.

A lot of people think about home safety but a lot of people don't pay attention to the garage, even though it often stores expensive items. Protecting your home should also include paying attention to garage door security. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Remember to Lock

One of the basics in garage door security is also one of the most simple. But people sometimes forget that there is more than one door to lock with respect to garage door security. You should always keep the garage door closed and locked – even if your car is in the driveway. But it’s also critical for the security of your home that you keep the door from the garage into the home locked, along with any side door entry points to the garage from outside. Preventing access is a prime deterrent to casual burglary.

2. Stow Remotes

Many people leave their garage door remote controls sitting in the console of their cars or clipped to the sun visor. Add to that the fact that they leave their cars unlocked in their driveway or on the street and you have easy burglar access to get into your garage and steal your property. A better solution is to stow remotes in a locking console or glove compartment. You only need them when you need entry into the garage through the garage door, such as when you’re driving the car in for the night. Another tip is to bring the garage door opener in the house and place it on a hallway table or other location instead of leaving it in the garage.

3. Replace Old Remotes

Garage door security also depends on crooks not being able to use code cracking software to open your garage door. Older models of garage door remotes are most susceptible to this type of cracking, so replacing that remote that’s more than 10 years old will give you greater security, and only cost a couple of hundred dollars.

4. Install an Alarm

Electronic alarms that warn you and your family of a burglar’s attempt to break into your home are another proven deterrent that you may consider. You can install garage alarms yourself or have them professionally installed. Think of security in layers. The more layers a burglar encounters, the less likely they are to proceed.