Garage Door Spring Repair: 3 Tips

A garage door.

Since garage doors work with a spring mechanism, repeated use will lead to wear and tear and call for garage door spring repair. When it comes time to tackle this project, consider the following options.

1. Consult a Professional

If your door has torsion springs you will need the help of a professional garage door installation contractor to replace them. Some brands have introduced torsion springs that use an electric drill to create the necessary tension and are more DIY friendly. However, removing the existing torsion springs is still dangerous.

2. DIY Options

A garage door with extension (or non-torsion) springs is a possibility for the skilled DIY enthusiast. The biggest thing is to make sure you completely read through the instructions. The door will need to be fully open and locked in that position for the spring to be replaced. Get some help with this task.

3. Safety Precautions

When replacing extension springs, the best idea is to use a substantial safety cable (usually 3/16-inch thick) threaded through the spring and tied off securely. This will stop any dangerous parts from flying around the garage should the spring break unexpectedly.

Garage door spring repair is a difficult DIY job at best and more often than not requires a professional.