Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Methods

Torsion springs are the wound up springs that can be found on the rod located on top of the garage door opening. With a little help, repairing the springs can be done in few easy and simple steps.

Ask someone to help you lift the door to a completely open position and place locking pliers on the track of the door which is directly below the lowest roller. You can also fit 2 solid metal rods in the spring winder to hold the door up. Ensure both bars are inserted fully so that the door is kept up safely.

You can then take off what’s left of the broken spring. It is best to replace both springs even if only one is broken as the second one might break soon after the first.

When buying new torsion springs, make sure that they are of the same length, diameter and gauge size as the broken one.

Leave the unbroken one untouched so you can see how the cable is fixed through the pulley when you are replacing the broken one. Fix the new spring and ensure that it does not stretch more than 1”. This can be adjusted later.

In the same way, you can replace the other unbroken spring and you will have a garage door that will be completely functional.