Garage Door Window Replacement Tips

To improve your home's appearance, include garage door window replacement as part of your spring or fall maintenance. Consult these tips to do this task quickly and avoid missteps that can be merely annoying or rather expensive.

When Removing Existing Windows

Take an intact, clean window to your building supply center to match the size and shape. Purchase two more than you want to replace in the door, to have spares on hand. Some windows may be imperfect or may not fit precisely in a frame that has become bent or warped with age.

Garage Window Material

Always purchase windows made of clear shatterproof plexiglas or similar material. Avoid any kind of glass, even tempered or automotive glass. These windows will shatter on impact, leaving tiny glass fragments on your garage floor and driveway that you will have to vacuum up.

Window Sealing

Get the best weather-resistant caulking you can afford to reseal the new windows. As your bargain putty dries out, it will flake and lose its seal, letting in moisture, and loosening the windows in their frames.

Reattach the Frames Firmly

Use wood putty to reseal the frames around wooden garage door windows, and reglue the plastic molding around the windows in a steel garage door with liquid cement.