What Do Garage Door Windows Add To Your Home?

Garage door windows provide light to the interior of the garage workspace while enhancing the curb appeal of the home.

Size limitations of garage door windows
Garage windows are smaller than other home windows for practical security reasons. The small size also prevents the glass panels from breaking during door operation. In multi-panel garage doors, windows cannot be taller than a panel. Small garage door windows give less opportunity for potential thieves to see the contents of a garage, which may include expensive workshop tools and of course automobiles.

Small size, big impact
Even smaller garage door windows can add to a home’s curb appeal. Garage door windows are available in styles that compliment your home’s exterior and also add visual interest. This is especially important since your garage door comprises much of your home’s façade. The glass can be plain, stained or etched to complement your architecture.

Window panels may be included in a new garage door design or be added later. Because garage windows must withstand the daily raising and lowering of a garage door, professional installation is recommended.