Garage Floor Covering: What to Look For

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In choosing garage floor covering you will want to select a material that is practical and functional in addition to being appealing to the eye. There are several types of garage floor coverings from which to choose, each having its own characteristics that may or may not suit your needs.

Cost Implications

All garage floor covering styles involve varying expenses, which you must plan for according to your budget. Concrete garage floors are perhaps the cheapest to get installed in addition to being low maintenance and durable.

Ease of Installation

Garage floor covers mainly fall under three types: mats, tiles, and paints. All these options have different levels of application difficulties. Mats are the easiest to install as you can just spread them over the floor surface. Garage floor tiles have varying installation difficulties. You will have an easier time covering your floor with interlocking tiles or the peel-and-stick type as opposed to those that strictly rely on grout adhesion. Applying garage floor paint can also be labor-intensive as the process requires a specialized preparation of the main concrete floor before the paint is applied.

Safety Considerations

Your garage floor cover should ensure your safety while in the garage. Rubber flooring is one of the most impressive options in this regard. You can purchase it as either a smooth or rough grip surface depending on your needs. Rubber flooring is also easy to clean with a damp mop once in a while. Alternatively, the entire floor cover can be lifted off for comprehensive cleaning. If you move to another house, rubber flooring can move with you.

You also need to consider the abuse to which the floor will be exposed, and subsequently the best flooring material to preempt this damage. A garage floor that regularly gets oil and chemical spills can be protected using an epoxy paint floor although the spills need to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the floor retains its grip.

Some garage floors are prone to moisture-related damage including the presence of mildew and molds. Garage floor paints like latex and epoxy are quite effective in protecting the main floor against these problems.

Ease of Maintenance

Different garage floor covers are easier to clean than others. Rubber coverings are probably the easiest to clean as described above. Oil-based floor paints can offer quite a challenge, however, when you have oil spills. In such a case you have to clean off the oil using mineral spirits.


Each garage floor covering option brings a different look to your garage floor. A garage that is used for parking stylish vehicles can even be covered in marble, which will complement the cars very well.