Worry-free Garage Floor Paint

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What You'll Need
Garage floor paint
Epoxy chips
Paint rollers
Vacuum cleaner

By using the right brand of garage floor paint, you can transform your garage floor into a durable yet attractive centerpiece of your garage. Garages can become more than just a place to keep your car and store some loose items. Today, the garage is so much more, some uses include a workshop and gym.

What is Garage Floor Paint?

There are several different types of garage floor paints available on the market today. Each have varying degrees of durability and style. The most common type of garage floor paint used by homeowners and contractors alike are epoxy based. These paints are a mixture of paint and epoxy chips that are applied in several steps. The resulting product is highly resistant to most stains and impact damage. In fact, many manufacturers are so confident in their abilities to prevent damage that they offer lifetime warranties for most of their products.

The basic components of an epoxy garage floor paint system consists of a base coat, top coat, and epoxy chips. Some manufacturers will include a concrete cleaning solution in these system kits to prep the slab before applying the paint. Companies offer a huge selection of colors for both the base coat of paint and the epoxy chips that are applied in the paint. The resulting contrasts of colors are what makes them an attractive design feature for most garages.

Applying Epoxy Paint

Applying an epoxy garage floor paint is easy enough for even the novice installer to complete.

Step 1 - Clean

As with any garage floor installation, thoroughly vacuum the concrete slab before applying the base coat.

Step 2 - Add Base Coat

Starting with a small section, roll out the base coat using a standard paint roller fitted with a heavy knap for rough surfaces such as ¾ inches.

Step 3 - Add Epoxy Chips

While the paint is still wet sprinkle on the epoxy chips.

Step 4 - Repeat

Repeat these steps until the entire floor has been painted and covered with epoxy chips.

Step 5 - Add Top Coat

Once the base coat has dried according to the manufacturer's specifications, the top coat can be applied over the entire garage floor. The top coat seals the base coat and epoxy chips while also giving it a high gloss shine.

Using the right garage floor paint will ensure that you get years of use out of your floor. It will also protect your floor while making it easy to keep clean. As most homeowner will attest, it takes a lot less effort to clean an epoxy coated garage floor than an uncoated concrete garage floor. The last thing you want to do is add cleaning the garage floor to your every growing to do list.