Garage Floor Parking Pad Installation

Waterproof PVC garage floor pads prevent damage to your floor and make your garage look nicer. The mats are easy to install and much easier to maintain than concrete, epoxy or tile floors since they won't crack, peel or chip.

Floor pads collect debris that your car brings into the garage, including moisture, dirt, sand and salt. This protects the floor underneath and increases its life. The mats are easy to clean and include cushioning that makes them comfortable to walk on.

Steps for Installation

  1. Clean your garage floor thoroughly. First, sweep up debris with a broom, and then follow with a wet solution. Rinse.
  2. Make sure you have enough pads to cover your entire floor, or as much space as you want covered. Most pads come in wide sheets, and the PVC is easy to cut if necessary.
  3. Carefully position the mats and then unroll. You will not need to apply adhesive. Press down hard to squeeze out any air trapped beneath the pads.
  4. If 2 rolls overlap, cut the edges to get the appearance of a single continuous mat.
  5. Trim extra material at the edges of the garage.