Garage Floor Rubber Mats: Pros And Cons

When you think about covering your garage floor, you have one good option in the form of garage floor rubber mats. Covering your garage floor increases its durability, improves its look and it becomes an extended part of your living area. There are other options available also except the garage floor rubber mats, but the rubber mats have their own advantages to offer.

Pros of Garage Floor Rubber Mats

  • The garage floor rubber mats are easy to install.
  • They protect the concrete floor of the garage below by preventing dirt, oil, stains, chemicals and moisture to penetrate.
  • Rubber mats provide good insulation.
  • Mats provide comfort to legs as they are cushioned.
  • Garage floor rubber mats are easy to clean.
  • They are reasonably priced and put less pressure on your pocket.

But, like any other options, the garage floor rubber mats have certain disadvantages also.

Cons of Garage Floor Rubber Mats

  • The rubber mats are vulnerable to petroleum products and might get severely damaged if exposed to such products.
  • Rubber might stick to the tires during summer as a result of the heat generated by the tires causing friction.

 Apart from the above cons, garage floor rubber mats is worthy of consideration.