Garage Organization Ideas for Sports Equipment

Keeping your garage clutter free is tricky, but it helps to implement garage organization ideas for sports equipment. There are ready made solutions that you can buy, or you can create your own solutions. Here are some ideas to try:

Heavy Duty Hooks

One of the popular garage organization ideas for sports equipment is to install heavy duty hooks. This helps to keep some of your equipment off the floor. You can use the hooks to hang rackets, basketball bats, roller blades and other equipment. Plastic hooks won't do the job. Buy sturdy metal hooks only.

Storage Bins

Place smaller items in storage bins in the garage.  Balls, mitts, helmets and other items can fit in the storage bins. You can stack the bins to save space as well, or tuck them underneath workbenches.

Sports Organizer Racks

If you want to buy one item that can meet all or most of your needs for storing equipment, then try a sports organizer rack. These are units that include hooks, shelves and other parts to store your items. Some racks resemble elaborate coat racks with extra bells and whistles. You can tuck it in one corner of the garage and keep your equipment out of the way.

These are just a few garage organization ideas that can help you find your sports equipment easily. It's one step closer to having a cleaner garage.