How to Repair a Sagging Garage Roof

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  • 24-48 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,200-3,000
What You'll Need
Scaffolding planks

A sagging garage roof repair isn’t an overwhelming task but it is best to get the job done before it becomes a major roof replacement. Try to rope in a friend or two as the beams can be heavy, and try to plan your renovation project for a sunny weekend. Follow the simple steps below to effectively repair a garage roof that is sagging.

Step 1 - Check the Beams

Before you start, check the beams to make sure what kind of state they are in. If they are not infested with things like termites you are in for a fairly easy task. When doing garage roof repairs you will usually have open beams enabling you to have easy access. You will need two ladders and some scaffolding planks. This enables you to walk along the line of the beam on the scaffolding and work on beams without continually climbing a ladder.

Step 2 - Buy the Right Lengths of Timber

Measure the lengths of the beams that you require for the bolstering and buy the right lengths in 2x6-inch lumber. You will require the same numbers of lengths as there are trusses in the roof. Make double sure of your measurements before ordering the wood for your garage roof.

Step 3 - Start at The Eaves

Lay your wood out under each beam and lifting up the eaves side put a 6-inch nail underneath the beam to temporarily hold it in position. If you have a friendly helper it’s a lot easier. Do the same to the other end of the beam and once in place you can screw it into the old beam with 4-inch brass screws. Use brass so they do not rust. Make sure that as you are working you are pushing the roof up. If necessary, use something to force the roof up while you work the beams into place and fasten them.

Gradually work along all the beams, pushing the roof up as you go. Any sagging will gradually be lifted and by the time you have finished the garage roof repair your roof should but upright again.

Step 4 - Strengthen the Beams

While you are doing the job, you might as well do it properly so the beams do not sag again. To do this, use a few lengths of timber the length of the garage and move them into position under all the beams and secure to each beam. This will prevent the beams from sagging again. If you put in at least 4 cross timbers in you will have a garage roof that will last you a lifetime.