Pricing Garage Sale Furniture to Move

When pricing garage sale furniture, always keep in mind What it is worth to you to get rid of furniture you no longer want.

Where Should Pricing Begin?

Price garage sale furniture a little higher than the actual price you want to receive. Flexible pricing gives the shopper the ability to bargain with you and both of you will be happy about the final price.

Fair Pricing

You are not going to sell a lot of furniture if the customers feel it's overpriced. Buyers don't care about your personnel attachment or how much you originally paid for the item. So, consider the condition of the piece and price accordingly.

Guidelines for Pricing Garage Sale Furniture

Garage sale furniture generally sells for $5 to $50. Look at Craigslist, Goodwill, Salvation Army and thrift shops for pricing information.

An exception to pricing furniture for sale is when the piece is a valuable antique. In this case you should have the item appraised and professionally auctioned.

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