Garage Tool Storage: Avoid Rust and Condensation

Garage tool storage is one of the most important practices in your workspace. Without proper care, handling and storage, even brand new tools can become unattractive and weakened.

Rusty Tools – Reasons why

Rust is created when iron is introduced to water for long periods of time. The chemical reaction that ensues changes the silvery metal into a reddish-colored powder.  When tools are exposed to water for an extended amount of time, they will rust. This devalues them, making them less sturdy and more apt to break.

Avoiding Rust

Using your tools is the best way to keep tools from rusting. Friction from work rubs away a lot of the condensation that accrues while not in use. You can also avoid rust by wiping down your tools when you are finished working with them or storing them in a sealed toolbox container.  

Avoid Condensation

Condensation can be avoided by making sure that humidity is kept out of your tool area. Check seals on your doors, windows and bricking to make sure outside condensation isn’t infiltrating. Avoid washing laundry in the garage and make sure faucets aren’t leaking. Adding a humidifier to your garage or workspace is a moderately low-cost way to ensure that condensation can collect on your tools.