Garage Wall Cabinet Installation: 3 Tips

When building a garage wall cabinet, it is important to avoid common mistakes to protect your project. Nothing looks worse than cabinets that don’t fit and don’t match up with each other. Follow the tips below to get your project done in half the time.

Tip 1: Prepare

You are ready to begin building your cabinet, but do you have a plan or blueprint for the area where your cabinets will be? To do the job right, you must have a plan. The best plan will include all your measurements and heights of each cabinet you intend to install. Without a plan, you could end up covering a crucial wall outlet.

Tip 2 – Get the Electrical Outlets Done First

There is no use in installing all the cabinets without having the outlets installed first. All your hard work would be for nothing if the cabinets were to be removed to have wiring installed behind them. Therefore, plan to install your wiring and outlets prior to cabinet construction.

Tip 3- Measure, Measure, Measure

It might sound obvious, but there is nothing worse than ordering your timber and finding either you need to re-cut it or it is too short. When measuring, keep in mind that you still have to open the garage door after the cupboards are installed. To make sure you leave enough room for the doors, take your measurements with the garage doors open.