Garden Gazebo: Size and Location

Once you have decided you want a garden gazebo, you will need to take some measurements, perform some calculations, and determine exactly what your options for a gazebo will be. Make sure that you have a large enough area to place it in, that your gazebo is large enough to suit your needs, and that you plan for paths or other methods of access along with the building of the gazebo.


Some people want to place their garden gazebo in a distant corner, and others make it the centerpiece of their backyard garden. When you decide on a location, make sure that your measurements include an open area around the building itself. You don't have to build with extra space in mind, but when the time comes to perform maintenance or make repairs you will be glad that you planned ahead.


When building gazebo pedestals, make sure that you are building large enough to serve your purposes but don't make the gazebo so large that it overpowers the garden area. Keep in mind that the presence of a gazebo will affect sunlight distribution and you may want to move some of your garden plants to be sure they get the required amount of sunlight.